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Cyber Security Services

Exclusive AI-driven Cyber Security Services

Our specialised services blend cutting-edge AI monitoring, precise access control, and strategic compliance alignment, ensuring a cyber security strategy that’s as dynamic as the landscape it protects.

Maximise Your Security, Minimise Your Risk

Through a blend of cutting-edge technology, including a strong emphasis on the Microsoft stack, and expert consultancy, we provide a comprehensive security posture that not only protects but empowers your organisation. Our services are designed to be straightforward, accessible, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, with a focus on streamlining your security solutions by reducing the number of vendors.

24/7 AI-Powered Monitoring

Leveraging Microsoft’s advanced security technologies, our tools watch over your network non-stop, offering robust protection and insights.

Access Control Management

Minimise risk with secure and efficient management of user permissions, ensuring that only the right people access your critical data.

Align Your Business with ASD Essential 8

Achieve effortless compliance and governance alignment, as well as lowering your cyber insurance costs, by utilising comprehensive security tools for a seamless integration with the ASD Essential 8 framework.

Maturity Level Benchmarking

Tailored solutions for Essential 8 compliance, streamlining your path to meeting and exceeding security benchmarks.

Enhanced User Security Training

Combat phishing and other threats with targeted education, powered by insights tailored for your security ecosystem.

Co-Managed Security Expertise with Huntress Security

In our unwavering commitment to your cyber safety, we have joined forces with Huntress Security, expanding our security horizon alongside Microsoft’s robust solutions. This strategic partnership enhances our 24/7 monitoring capabilities, ensuring that expert threat hunters are always protecting your systems. Together, we bring a unique blend of responsiveness through our 24/7 helpdesk and Huntress’s global security expertise for a dynamic, co-managed SOC solution.

This collaboration strikes the perfect balance, overcoming the drawbacks of fully outsourced or insourced security models. It means enhanced accountability, expert response to emerging threats, and staying ahead in cyber security. With DJC and Huntress Security, rest assured, your digital defence is in expert hands.

Advanced Cyber Security Measures for Modern Threats

Our cyber security consulting services, deeply integrated with Microsoft’s security solutions, extend beyond traditional defences. From enforcing password management through Microsoft’s secure platforms to implementing geo-location based access controls, our holistic approach ensures comprehensive protection of your business operations. Our managed anti-virus and disaster recovery strategies, built on Microsoft’s reliable infrastructure, keep your business ahead of threats, ensuring operational resilience and continuity.

Customised Cyber Security Consulting for Targeted Protection

We understand that Microsoft plays an important part of fulfilling unique security needs. Our cyber security consultants work closely with you to tailor security strategies that align with your business objectives and Microsoft’s robust security frameworks. Whether you’re aiming for a specific maturity level in the ASD Essential 8 or seeking to simplify your security stack with Microsoft solutions, our team delivers personalised consulting that addresses your specific challenges and goals to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Empowering Teams with Essential Cyber Security Skills

Empowerment through education is the basis of our cyber security services. We emphasise the importance of security awareness training (SAT) and phishing threat training to equip your team with the knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber security threats. By fostering a culture of security mindfulness, we help ensure that your employees are not just users but active participants in your cyber defence strategy.

Transforming Your Approach to Cyber Security

DJC stands at the forefront of cyber security solutions and services, offering unmatched expertise and a commitment to your business’s security and success. Our cyber security consultants leverage the latest technologies and best practices from Microsoft to deliver comprehensive solutions that protect against sophisticated cyber threats. With us, you gain a Microsoft partner dedicated to securing your digital assets with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Discover how our cyber security services, integrated with Microsoft’s powerful solutions, can transform your organisation’s security posture. Together, let’s build a safer digital future for your business.