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Managed SOC Services

Transform Your Cybersecurity Landscape

Our blend of advanced technology and expert monitoring delivers unparalleled protection for your business. Embrace the assurance of real-time threat detection, rapid incident response, and continuous security enhancement to protect your digital environment 24/7.

Proactive, Powerful, Protected

Embrace the excellence of DJC’s Managed SOC Services, where we ensure robust security with a keen eye on real-time protection and rapid incident response. Our offerings are tailored to enhance your security posture, minimising false positives and maximising effective defence strategies.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Stay ahead with our constant vigilance.

Expert Incident Response

Quick, effective actions against security incidents.

Advanced False Positive Filtering

Focus on genuine threats, not noise.

Comprehensive Security Information and Event Management

A holistic view of your security landscape.

Continuous Monitoring by SOC Analysts

Our eyes never leave the screen.

Expert Eyes, Round-the-Clock: The Power of Collaboration

Through our partnership with Huntress Security, we’ve crafted a top-tier co-managed security operations center (SOC) service, leveraging both companies’ strengths in security tools, analytics, and expertise. This collaboration ensures:

Sophisticated Security Solutions:

Combining the best of technology and human expertise.

Suspicious Activity Tracking:

Our vigilant team detects and analyses unusual behaviour.

Informed Incident Responders:

Ready and equipped to tackle any security challenge.

Your Security, Customised for Your Business

Our tiered approach to cybersecurity offers a range of security solutions, each designed to strengthen your security posture at various levels of sophistication and need.

From foundational measures in our DJC Essential Security package to the advanced protections of the DJC Complete Security package, we cover all bases, ensuring a comprehensive defence against security threats.

Elevating Security Beyond Expectations

Our suite of additional services provides a robust security foundation. Our ICT security audits, penetration testing, and managed endpoint and antivirus solutions are complemented by our managed SOC service, providing continuous monitoring and expert analysis from our team of security professionals.

Simplifying IT Complexity, Amplifying Business Success

At DJC, we’re more than a security service provider. We’re a team of security experts committed to simplifying complex IT challenges. Our managed IT services extend beyond security, encompassing cloud services, network management, and IT support. Each service is infused with the expertise of our security professionals, ensuring a holistic approach to your IT needs.

Partner with DJC, where our security operations centre analysts, incident responders, and SOC analysts work tirelessly to protect your digital assets. Trust in our continuous monitoring, agile response, and innovative security solutions to keep your business secure and thriving in the present and future.