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Microsoft copilot

do more, with less.

Microsoft CoPilot is now available for use. Many organisations are already using it to increase efficiency in tasks such as project management, sales, and note-taking during virtual meetings, saving time and money. There is still a lot of risk involved when deploying such powerful tools into your organisation, so it’s worth having a conversation with us first and understanding how you can implement such powerful tools into your platforms.

Ahead of the game.

Ai-Powered Efficiency

Copilot can quickly summarize long documents, including PDFs and articles, allowing you to grasp the essential information without going through the entire content

Professional Content Creation

It assists in crafting professional and customer-ready content, which can be particularly useful for emails, reports, and presentations

Commercial Data Protection

When using generative AI at work, it’s crucial to protect company data and intellectual property. Copilot ensures that the prompts and content you generate are not exposed to the public, safeguarding your company’s competitive advantage

Certified and Trusted

Unlike traditional search engines that return pages of links, Copilot allows you to chat in conversational language to get detailed, customized answers from the internet. It connects the dots across data points to provide comprehensive responses

Powerful Platform at your fingertips

You can enhance your productivity at your fingertips by generating high-quality code from natural language descriptions. Copilot helps you write faster and smarter, suggesting relevant code snippets for a variety of programming languages and frameworks. You can also use Copilot to explore new ideas, learn best practices, and discover new solutions. Copilot is powered by OpenAI Codex, a deep learning system that can generate code from natural language with minimal human supervision. Copilot is your intelligent coding assistant that adapts to your style and preferences, saving you time and effort.

What We Offer

We offer a suite of automation services securing your organisation and implementing productivity based features across your platforms.

Vigilant Data Security

Our managed automation services perform continous checking of data health and governance to ensure your safety with artifical intelligence

Swift Incident Response

We ensure minimal impact from any incident with our efficient and quick response.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Training your team in how to use key tools and platforms, we make sure they are an effective line of defence.

Straightforward Compliance

We guarantee that every aspect of your business is compliant with data sensitivity labelling and monitoring.

Strategic Consulting

Our experts provide long-term strategies to secure your business and improve productivty, ensuring you are using your technology platforms to the best of your ability.

Data Auditing

Our comprehensive data audits cover high-use platforms such as Office 365 and Microsoft Entra ID, formerly Azure AD, ensuring thorough scrutiny of your digital infrastructure.