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Managed Microsoft 365

Streamline Your Success in Microsoft 365

Embrace the power of simplicity and efficiency with Microsoft management that is designed to elevate your productivity and enhance security. Let us transform the way your business performs, ensuring smooth IT operations and a strategic edge in a competitive world.

Effortless Microsoft Management for Business Growth

Managing Microsoft 365 should be straightforward and effective, and at DJC, we make that happen. We streamline your Microsoft 365 account management, ensuring seamless integration of Microsoft Office 365 Business (Premium, Standard or Basic) into your daily operations. Our focus is on simplifying the management of these powerful tools, so you can concentrate on what matters most – driving your business forward while maintaining a balance in work and life.

Tailored IT Solutions

Our agile approach allows us to customise solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with your specific operational needs and goals.

Support for Growing Businesses

We specialise in supporting businesses experiencing rapid growth. Our scalable solutions adapt to your expanding needs, ensuring that as your business grows, your IT capabilities grow with it.

Efficient Cost Control

We offer fixed pricing options that enable better budget management, ensuring your IT spending is both efficient and predictable.

Proactive IT Management

We are proactive, not reactive, so we focus on preventing problems before they occur, ensuring your IT systems are always running efficiently and reliably.

Advanced Cyber Security

We provide advanced cyber security measures, now enriched with Microsoft’s AI Copilot, to protect and automate your data and insights, enhancing your operations with security and intelligence.

Simplify Your Microsoft 365 Administration

We take on the complexity of Microsoft Office 365 management, so you don’t have to. Our service includes comprehensive licence management, ensuring that your Microsoft Office 365 apps are always up-to-date and compliant. We tailor our services to your needs, adding or removing licences as your team evolves, and continually reviewing your licensing to optimise cost and efficiency.

Customised Microsoft 365 Support for Your Business

Every business is unique, and so are your needs for Microsoft 365 support. We understand the importance of a personalised approach. Whether you’re using Microsoft 365 Business Standard for its robust office applications, Microsoft 365 Business Basic for its cloud efficiency, or Microsoft 365 Business Premium for comprehensive solutions, we’re here to provide the technical support you need. Our goal is to enhance your productivity and collaboration, allowing your team to thrive using tools like Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online.

Empowering Remote Work and Mobile Productivity

The modern workplace is not confined to an office. With our managed Microsoft 365 services, your team can achieve peak productivity from anywhere, on any mobile device. We ensure that file storage and collaboration tools are seamlessly integrated, enabling your team to collaborate effectively whether in the office or working remotely. Our management of your Microsoft 365 apps for business and Microsoft Teams ensures that collaboration and productivity are always at their peak in every situation.

Ensuring Security and Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is our priority. With our expertise in managing Microsoft, we ensure that your Microsoft 365 plan is not just about productivity, but also about security. Our proactive approach to IT management includes ensuring that your data is safe, whether it’s stored in the cloud or accessed on mobile devices. We provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is protected against cyber threats, and your productivity cloud is designed with security at its core.

The Microsoft Partner for Business Excellence and Innovation

At DJC, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re a partner in your success. Our approach is built on understanding and responding to the unique challenges your business faces. We tailor our Microsoft 365 management services to align with your business goals, ensuring that you have the tools and support needed to achieve what matters in both work and life. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance your productivity and security, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.