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Preventative IT Maintenance & Monitoring Plans

We've drawn on our 14+ years of computer & server maintenance experience to create "DJC Control" - our preventative & proactive IT maintenance plans. We monitor every server, workstation & notebook 24/7 to look for minor issues BEFORE they turn in to costly & frustrating interruptions to your business. We run scheduled weekly maintenance to ensure that every managed system is completely up-to-date and running like new, all for a fixed monthly price, with no lock in contracts.

DJC Control is:

  • 24/7 monitoring of all your business systems
  • Preventative maintenance program for all workstations, notebooks and servers
  • Guaranteed immediate response for critical issues
  • Access to our helpdesk
  • Detailed engineers reports on all work conducted
  • Call logging, tracking and reporting facilities
  • Phone, remote and on-site support

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Super Fast Cloud-based MYOB Premier & Enterprise

We've built cloud infrastructure specifically designed to host your MYOB, and host it FAST! Our MYOB cloud can be accessed from not only PC and Mac, but also smart phones, iPad and Android tablets. Our MYOB cloud terminal servers are built using high end multi-core processors combined with solid state drives (SSD). DJC's cloud MYOB servers are the fastest, most reliable way to run MYOB Premier & Enterprise WITHOUT the investment in costly infrastructure.

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IT Helpdesk Support

A team of absolute IT "guns" ready and waiting to assist your staff with any IT questions or issues they may face. Think of us as your own IT department, call on us for prompt support, either via phone, remote or on-site. Get honest advice and pricing on hardware from people who live & breath the techy stuff. Reliance on your IT system is a given in business today. Failure of your system results in a major loss of productivity. What is worse is a long and costly wait for technicians to arrive, and the lack of confidence that the issue potentially may be beyond them. At DJC Systems you can be assured that our staff will be there in record time and we will know how to solve your issues.

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Think VOIP - Asterisk / FreePBX

VOIP offers you an opportunity to reduce your call costs by using broadband instead of a standard PBX system. For most business broadband is already in place and to ensure Quality of Service (QOS) DJC Systems will determine an appropriate bandwidth and landline compatibility service. Using a single broadband connection, multiple calls can be simultaneously conducted and telephony expenses can be dramatically reduced. DJC Systems offer a full range of options to suit your business requirements.

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Server Install & Networking

To run an IT system at maximum potential without major downtime relies on adequately specified hardware & software. We insist that our clients replace their servers every three years. The consequences for neglecting your server can be diabolical in time and cost to your business, let alone potentially loosing critical data. We offer a server replacement scheme as well as an overall maintenance schedule where you systems can be monitored and updated to prevent downtime.

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Entrust your IT network to the experts. Invariably we see systems mishandled by staff whose intentions are great but often lead to exorbitant costs through misguided purchases and downtime from lack of expertise. At DJC Systems we ensure your money is spent responsibly by having an overall goal for your entire IT network. Ongoing service contracts make sure these goals are achieved with the minimum of disruption to your business operations.

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Protecting your hardware and information is essential. With privacy laws and potential for legal action it is your responsibility to ensure information is stored appropriately and correctly. Your data needs to be analysed and sorted into security layers with access given to groupings of staff on a needs only basis. Passwords must be upgraded on a regular basis as well as offsite data storage in case of break in or failure of system. We can also devise and implement emergency facilities for your business in case of an unseen event such as flood or fire for businesses in critical services.

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